BPS Centre for Deaf Education (CDE) brochure

Governing Council

Parents and Friends

Linking home, school and community with support & communication. Everyone is very welcome.
Meetings are held twice a term:
Wednesday evenings of Week 2 | 7.30pm and Wednesday evenings of Week 7 | 7.30pm
Venue Alternates – please contact us on the details below.
Chairperson | Bec Lawson | 0432 112 260
Secretary | Jan-Marie Cresp | 0402 480 154
Treasurer | Serena Wilson
E | parentsandfriendsbps@gmail.com


Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner      https://esafety.gov.au/ 


School Policies
Download File Type
Annual Report Adobe PDF
Behaviour Management Agreement Adobe PDF
BPS Centre for Deaf Education Adobe PDF
Context Statement Adobe PDF
Decision Making Policy Adobe PDF
Parent Handbook Adobe PDF
Schools Agreement Adobe PDF
Grievance Procedures Adobe PDF
Reducing Bullying Policy Adobe PDF
Holdfast Cluster B&HP ‘What is Bullying?’ Adobe PDF
Uniform Policy Adobe PDF
Attendance Policy Adobe PDF
Social Media Guidelines Adobe PDF
Evacuation Invacuation Procedure Adobe PDF
Site Improvement Plan Adobe PDF
Outside Providers Policy Adobe PDF
Sports Policy Adobe PDF
Brighton Primary Zone Adobe PDF
Volunteer Policy Adobe PDF
Chaplaincy Adobe PDF
Debt Collection Policy Adobe PDF
School Curriculum Agreements
Download File Size File Type
Literacy Agreement 44KB Adobe PDF
Numeracy Agreement 33KB Adobe PDF
Science Agreement 269KB Adobe PDF
Cyber-Safety Use Agreement R-4 59KB Adobe PDF
Cyber-Safety Use Agreement 5-7 59KB Adobe PDF
Behaviour Agreement 44KB Adobe PDF
Wellbeing Agreement 88KB Adobe PDF
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