Outside School Hours Care (OSHC), The Cottage (brochure)

A | 1 Highet Avenue, Brighton 5048
P | 8377 2655
M | 0488 238 223
F | 8296 7180
E | brightonps.oshc@live.com.au
Before and After School Care is now available as well as pupil free days and school closures.
If you require care please come in and fill in an enrolment form.
Operating Hours
Before School Care 7.00-9.00am
After School Care 3.10-6.30pm
Vacation Care 7.00-6.00pm
All families are welcome to use OSHC

The OSHC committee’s meeting dates are scheduled for weeks 2 and 7 of each term, they are timed as such to occur prior to Governing Council meetings (weeks 3 and 8 of each term)


Family information Handbook

Enrolment FAQ’S

Enrolment Form

Permission for extra-curricular activities

Term ( 1 ) Booking Form

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