Policies and School Agreements

To make sure that Brighton Primary School is safe and an enjoyable learning environment, students are asked to follow our School Values ……

Care and Respect

  • Students are welcome to arrive at school after 8.30 am and leave by 3.25 pm. If students arrive prior to 8.30 they need to stay in the shelter shed. Students may enter school buildings at 8.40 am.
  • During recess, lunchtime and after 3.20 pm students should only be in buildings with adult supervision.
  • Follow educator’s instructions.
  • Walking only; inside, around buildings and on the stairs. Corridors, stairs or toilets are not to be used as play areas.
  • Stay within the Yellow marked areas in the yard.
  • Play running games on the ovals. Kicking of balls is only allowed on the oval and grassed areas.
  • Safe play means no rough play, tackling or physical contact.
  • Show Care and Respect for each other. Use appropriate language and positive strategies in communication. Make our school Harassment and Bully Free.
  • Wear approved school uniform when at school and when on excursions.

Responsible Learners and Achieving Success

  • Follow class agreements/ rules.
  • Be responsible learners, participate in all learning.
  • Take positive initiatives to be successful.
  • Use problem solving strategies to work through challenges (learning and friendship)
  • Ask permission to use other people’s possessions.

Environmentally Aware

  • Support the school’s recycling and environmental programs.
    • Place rubbish, recycling items and scraps into the correct bins provided.
    • Any food (including canteen food) to be eaten in the Shelter Shed area during playtime.
  • Wear hats during playtime during summer and autumn. The NO HAT – NO PLAY rule applies. Students without hats must sit in the Shelter Shed.
  • Look after school property (buildings, equipment and plants) take responsibility and report concerns to an adult.
  • Keep bikes, skateboards and scooters in the bike shed. (DO NOT ride bikes, skateboards or scooters in the yard.)
  • Only use the playground equipment for climbing.
  • Care for plants, trees and bushes and where they grow, these plants get hurt by human feet.