Apple iPad 1:1 Program

In 2020 Brighton Primary School began its journey down a 1:1 device program for students. The chosen device is Apple iPad.

Brighton Primary School is running a pilot program in partnership with the Department for Education (DfE), Apple Education and Compnow. We are the first school in SA financing our iPad fleet as opposed to purchase outright. The offering is extremely beneficial to the school, deferring payments at 0% finance, options in regard to paying the normal price by the end of the term and owning the device, or returning it at no extra charge.

In 2020 students in Year 6 and Year 7 are the pioneers for the program receiving their personal device at the beginning of term 3. The uptake by students and staff has been unanimously positive. Plans in place to extend the program over the next 3 years enabling 1:1 for students in Year 4 and above. The flow on effect from this is that the rest of the school owned fleet of iPads and Laptops are more readily available for use by the younger years.

The device allocated in 2020 is an iPad 7th Generation 128Gb in a Logitech Rugged Folio keyboard case, giving all students peace of mind in a safe device, but also full functionality of the device for all aspects of their education. Future devices are intended to be equal or better depending on the technology available at the time.

This program is not just about putting devices in the students hands, but also making sure it is used effectively. To this, staff have undertaken training from Apple Education. The first two courses were completed early in Term 3 as well, and future courses are planned. Brighton Primary School strongly believes high quality training and development for all staff  is crucial to ensure all educators can use and deploy their  iPad in the best possible learning context.