Centre For Deaf Education

The Brighton Primary Centre for Deaf Education is incorporated within Brighton Primary School, enabling full participation in the mainstream setting. The CDE, as a fully integrated part of the mainstream school, offers a bi-cultural, bi-lingual approach to education. This means that all students are able to access their education in the mode that best suits their individual needs, be it through Australian Sign Language (Auslan), spoken language, or any combination of the two. The centre holds the same values as the mainstream school: Care and Respect, Achieving Success, Responsible Learners and Environmentally Aware.

All of our students enrolled in the Centre for Deaf Education are treated equally to the mainstream students.

This includes:

  • Providing equal access to the Australian Curriculum. 
  • Full participation in all school activities. 
  • The same high expectations of reaching academic potential. 
  • The same high expectations of social, emotional and language development. 

Being bi-cultural, we empower our students to be successful in both the “hearing world” and “Deaf world”. As they learn alongside their hearing peers they become proficient in navigating the challenges of a hearing world and establish themselves as equal members of the wider school community. At the same time, through connecting with their hard of hearing peers and Deaf adult role models, they access the support and solidarity of the Deaf world. These approaches complement and support each other, to provide the very best foundation for our student’s future development and personal growth.

Being bi-lingual, we provide a variety of communication options in all aspects of school life. Students always have exposure to spoken language through their integration with the mainstream setting, which can be accessed through a range of language supports from 1:1 Bilingual SSO support, to small group intervention, to fully interpreted Auslan instruction. These supports are specific to the individual needs of students and families, and are formalised and reviewed in regular Negotiated Education Plan (NEP) meetings.

The Centre is fully integrated, which means that every child has full access to the many learning opportunities of the mainstream school. From our Reggio Emilia inspired junior primary learning areas, to our Nature Play spaces, to our innovative Year 7 Seniors Community Project, our Deaf and hard of hearing students walk the same journey, with the same advantages, as their hearing peers. Our mainstream classes all learn Auslan as their LOTE lesson, so each student, regardless of their level of hearing, is equipped to participate in an integrated and inclusive learning environment.

Our school-wide programs include:

  • Outdoor Education
  • Community Garden
  • SAPSASA Sport
  • Aquatics and water safety
  • Children’s University
  • Choir (Signing and Vocal choirs)
  • School camps
  • School community events

In addition to the learning opportunities offered by the mainstream school, students enrolled in the Centre have access to specialised interventions and service providers. Staff at the Centre work closely with parents and external agencies to provide a holistic Team Around the Child to address the specific needs and build upon the unique talents of each student.

Classes are further supported by Bilingual School Support Officers (BSSOs) who work with students either individually or in small groups. Our BSSO staff work as curriculum support and language role models.

Our Deaf BSSO staff facilitate the weekly Deaf Club, which provides a space for our students to connect with their peers across classrooms, discuss communication and social strategies related to their degree of hearing, and develop a positive identity as full and valuable members of both hearing and Deaf communities.

Our Centre (and service provider) programs include:

  • Deaf Club
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Social and Wellbeing programs
  • Audiology
  • Deaf cultural programs
  • Hearing awareness week
  • National week of Deaf people
  • Deaf sports day

Classrooms at Brighton are specifically designed to promote communication and involvement of our Deaf and hearing impaired students. Classrooms are acoustically treated, and utilize a range of assistive technologies including soundfield systems, wireless devices, signal lights that operate in conjunction with the school bell and interactive whiteboards.

Technology and bilingualism are used in parallel to provide the maximum amount of options for all students to access their learning.

The Brighton Centre for Deaf Education holds the same values as the mainstream school, including the same high expectations for our student’s academic, social and emotional success.

The school values are:

  • Care and Respect
  • Achieving Success
  • Responsible Learners
  • Environmentally Aware

All students across the school are given support and opportunities to embody these values and reach their potential.

For more information: Contact Catharine Carlin, CDE Assistant Principal

Phone: 8296 3614

Fax: 8296 7180

Email: Catharine.Carlin699@schools.sa.edu.au