Centre of Deaf Education

The Centre of Deaf Education (CDE) provides a caring and positive learning environment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students to develop and master skills for their current and future learning, empowering them to be independent and life-long learners. Student programs are constructed using the Australian Curriculum and special focus is given to the areas of Literacy, Numeracy, STEM and all other essential learning areas, which are all part of the school’s site plan and future directions. The CDE holds the same values as the mainstream school, including the same high expectations for our students’ academic, social and emotional success. The CDE aims to maintain an integrated and inclusive facility which meets the educational needs of all Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. This is achieved through provision of high quality educational programs, use of appropriate technologies and implementation of relevant teaching and learning methodologies to enable students to reach their potential.

Our Centre of Deaf Education

A range of class settings are available depending on the individual needs of the child. Our CDE students are supported in mainstream classes with Teachers of the Deaf and Bilingual Student Support Officers (BSSOs). Our CDE students access their education in the mode that best suits their individual needs and preferences, either through spoken language or Australian Sign Language (Auslan) or a combination of the two. Students have access to spoken and signed language through a range of support, such as 1:1 BSSO support, small group intervention, and fully interpreted Auslan instruction. CDE students learn alongside hearing peers and become proficient in navigating the challenges of a hearing world and establish themselves as equal members of the wider school community. Students access the support and solidarity of the Deaf world through connecting with their Deaf and Hard of Hearing peers and adult role models. These approaches complement and support each other to provide the very best foundation for our students’ future development, personal growth and life-long learning.

We celebrate diversity and inclusivity

  • All students at Brighton PS learn Auslan as their LOTE, so all students are equipped to participate in an integrated and inclusive learning environment.
  • One Child One Plan documents are written and reviewed for each CDE child in consultation with parents, ensuring we are focussing on goals that promote successful learning outcomes.
  • Our experienced Teachers of the Deaf and mainstream Teachers program and target areas to improve/stretch students to ensure quality learning.
  • Intervention programs, therapy and support programs may be available with private providers at Brighton Primary. Termly visits are scheduled with Australian Hearing and the Cochlear Team to check function and fit of hearing aids, moulds, FMs & cochlear implants.
  • Deaf culture and connections to Deaf community are an integral part of our CDE.
  • Brighton PS welcomes CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults) and their families, across Adelaide into our school community.
  • There are opportunities for the whole school to participate in the Brighton Signing Choir.
  • We provide Auslan classes for parents and families who want to learn sign language each fortnight.
  • We have dedicated CDE days for students to connect with peers and focus on the Expanded Core Curriculum for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and we attend the CDEs’ “Big Day Out” with all CHI/CDE students across Adelaide.
  • Interpreting is available for meetings, assemblies and school community events.
  • CDE Tours are available for parents and families to visit and see the day to day running of our fully integrated classes.

For more information: Contact Catharine Carlin, CDE Assistant Principal

Phone: 8296 3614

Fax: 8296 7180

Email: Catharine.Carlin699@schools.sa.edu.au