Governing Council

The Brighton Primary School Governing Council endeavours to engage with students, teachers, caregivers and community; working together to achieve the School values.

The Governing Council works together with the Principal to:

  • involve the school community in the governance of the school
  • set the broad direction and vision of the school
  • contribute to the strategic planning of the school
  • determine policies for the school including but not limited to policies for the safety, welfare and discipline of students
  • determine the application of the total financial resources available to the school including the regular review of the budget
  • report to the school community and the Minister
  • the Brighton Primary School Governing Council role is directed by a Constitution.


How to do I become a Governing Council member?

Elections for the Brighton Primary School Governing Council are held following the Brighton Primary School Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October of each year. Nominations can be made either at the AGM or using nomination forms which can be returned to the Front office in the week prior to the AGM.

When do the Governing Council committee meet?

The Governing Council committee members meet on Mondays at 7pm in Week 4 and 8 of each School term.

How can I be involved if I am unable to attend the Governing Council meetings?

There are a number of sub-committees that do fantastic work in the School community. Parents do not have to be a member of the Governing Council to volunteer to be on a sub-committee. Parents are most welcome to participate in these groups which are much less formal and assist the School with many practical aspects of School activities and provide recommendations to the GC committee. The sub-committees are:

  • Canteen
  • Finance
  • OSHC
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Parents & Friends
  • Innovation & Technology
  • School and Community
  • Facilities Working Party
  • Grounds

If you would like to join a sub-committee, either on a short or long term basis, please contact the Front Office for details. We encourage all parents to be involved in the School community activities and decision making processes and would love to hear from you. Information on each committee can be found below.

If I have a query or would like to provide feedback to the Governing Council committee, what do I do?

The Governing Council committee can be contacted by email at

We are always happy to hear from the School Community about what is important to you.

Can I attend a Governing Council meeting if I am not a member?

The Governing Council or any committee of Governing Council may, at its discretion, allow non-members who have special interests or knowledge relevant to the Governing Council to attend its meetings as observers and, if it agrees, take part in discussions on particular issues. Non-members cannot vote.

Sub-Committee Information

Canteen Sub-committee

  • To assist and advise the canteen manager on:
  • Pricing
  • Canteen menu
  • To promote the services of the canteen among the school community
  • To assist in the planning, organisation and execution of canteen activities at major school functions; and
  • To assist the canteen manager in ensuring the continued economic viability of the canteen.

Finance Subcommittee

  • To advise the Council on budgetary and financial matters, including the preparation of the preliminary budget showing:
  • the anticipated income available for the ensuing twelve months (both from normal transactions and from fund-raising activities)
  • the proposed expenditure to be made
  • details of any funds held for special purposes.
  • To examine receipts and payments and review the school budget as presented by the School Finance officer at least once per term
  • Make recommendations on the level of school fees and hire rates of school facilities and other money raising activities
  • To investigate and make recommendations on the financial viability of proposals of any extra ordinary budget expenditure requests.


  • To work with the Out of School Hours Care Director and subcommittee
  • To work with the Director and Council on staffing matters
  • To work with the Director in the development and presentation of the budget to finance subcommittee for recommendation to council
  • To work with the Director and subcommittee in the oversight of general operating procedures
  • To report to Council on all matters relevant to the operation/educational program and financial viability of the program.

Sports & Recreation

  • To assist in the coordination of coaching, supervision and transport arrangements for the various out of school hours sports
  • To advise the GC committee of the names of parents and community members involved in coaching and managing school sports teams
  • To ensure coaches and supervisors are acquainted with the rules and general requirements of the Junior Sports Policy and the School’s Behaviour Management Policy
  • To present an annual report of income and expenditure of each sports club at the AGM
  • Monitor the use of school and club resources
  • Encourage and support financially, parent participation in coaching clinics and first aid courses.

Parents & Friends

  • To provide a means of contact between home and school
  • Form a liaison between parents, students, teachers and community
  • Assist parents to gain skills to participate in the decision making of the school
  • To develop and maintain an interest in the welfare of children at the school
  • To liaise and assist the Governing/School Council on appropriate ways to consult with parents of the school
  • To support the wellbeing of parents of the school community
  • Support the Principal and the school staff to enhance student learning
  • To encourage parents to become involved in the school in various ways.

Innovation & Technology

  • Encourage and facilitate the flow of information and ideas between Brighton Primary School and the Brighton Primary School parent community, in matters relating to innovation, educational technology and the school curriculum
  • Provide a forum for Brighton Primary School staff to work with the parent community in matters relating to innovation and technology and to learn and build on the collective knowledge of the community to improve learning through the use of technology and innovation
  • Encourages innovation in all forms in the Brighton Primary School community, and creative approaches to teaching and learning at the school.

School and Community

  • Build a strong relationship between the school and school community
  • Encourage participation in school and community events that support the Site Learning Plan
  • Seek grants to further the current projects at the school
  • Support and assist educators in establishing the most effective way to share, communicate and connect with the school community.

Facilities Working Party

  • Assist in high level decision making and planning relating to the redevelopment of school facilities and grounds


  • Assist in the decision making relating to the facilities and grounds