School Day/Bell Times

Structure of the Day

Students are allowed to enter the school grounds after 8.30 am and must stay in the yard area as this is the only place that a teacher is on duty before school. Parents therefore, are asked, when bringing children to school, to also stay within this area.

8.30 am                               Students can enter the Library for book borrowing and returning

8.40 am                               First bell – students may enter classrooms

8.50 am                               School begins

10.40-11.10 am                  Recess

12.50-1.00 pm                    Students eat lunch in class

1.00-1.30 pm                      Students go out to play

3.10 pm                               School is dismissed

3.10-3.30 pm                      Students can enter the Library for book borrowing and returnng

Families are generally asked to meet their children outside the buildings. There will be times when your child will want to show you something or you need to catch up with the educator about something and this is to be expected. However, for student safety, we ask that, in the main, a designated meeting spot outside should be organised.

If you have an emergency and will be late in picking up your children we will ensure that they stay in the front office until 3.30 pm. Please reinforce this with your child. We will send them to OSHC after 3.30 pm if we have not heard from you. There are no staff on duty in the yard after 3.30 pm

Please note: Early dismissal on the last day of school at the end of each term is at 2.10 pm