Visual Arts / Performing Arts

In the Australian Curriculum, The Arts is a learning area that draws together related but distinct art forms. While these art forms have close relationships and are often used in interrelated ways, each involves different approaches to arts practices and critical and creative thinking that reflect distinct bodies of knowledge, understanding and skills.

Students in Drama explore and express ideas and narrative structures through role play, improvisations, and scripted performances. Students write scripts, use written plays and real or imagined events to develop and create characters and situations by using their voices, facial expressions, bodies, movement and language.

Learning in Visual Arts involves experimenting with conventions and techniques, exploring ideas, practices and artworks from different cultures and times, particularly those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists.  By focusing on different artists and art forms, students will represent a theme, concept or idea, different views, beliefs and opinions, and use artists as inspiration for their own representations.

At Brighton Primary we are constantly trying to stretch students’ learning through an Art lens by complimenting and extending what is happening in their home classes. This may be in the form of showing understanding and interpretation through mime, storytelling, dance or a sculpture, print, painting or drawing. For example, aligning historical topics with relevant artist studies, creating meaningful performances out of certain social studies themes.

Art and Drama skills and knowledge are taught to enhance the abilities and creativeness of all children and encourage them to have a positive life long relationship with the Arts. We also focus on ways to build confidence, imagination, and communication skills in our arts space.