The wearing of a school uniform:

* Promotes pride in our school

* Enhances our public image

* Reduces peer pressure

* Encourages appropriate clothing for school activities

* Makes students easily identifiable in the yard/on excursions

* Promotes a sense of equality and inclusiveness

Tops/Dresses: Only grey polo, yellow & black polo (previously extra-curricular top) and dresses purchased from the uniform shop are to be worn. Students who represent the school in an extracurricular activity can still have the yellow & black polo embroidered if desired (but it is not required) at Dicraft, 453 Brighton Road, Brighton. Only polar fleece jumpers or school jackets purchased from the uniform shop are to be worn. Plain black and yellow tops/jackets/vests are not permitted. Plain long sleeve black tops can be worn under dresses or polo tops.

Bottoms: Must be black and free from all logos. Shorts must be mid-thigh length. From year 3, black leggings are allowed to be worn under dresses/shorts but not on their own. Bike shorts are not permitted on their own.

Hats: Must be worn 1 September till 1 May. Only hats purchased from the uniform shop are to be worn. Students with long hair are encouraged to tie it back. All accessories including headbands, hair ties, clips, ribbons, beanies and scarves must be black, yellow or grey to complement the school uniform.

Footwear: Comfortable shoes should be worn that allow safe participation in all activities including PE. Inappropriate shoes include ballet flats, thongs, slip-ons, wheeled and heeled shoes. Socks must be black, white or grey.

The year 7 jumper or jacket is designed every year and available through a special order.


* No non-school logos / slogans on clothing

* No jeans / denim or hooded jackets

* No tank tops, midriff tops or tops with shoe string straps

* No baseball caps

* No nail polish or make up

* No ‘ear’ headbands

* No large hair bows (e.g. JoJo bows)

* No necklaces, dangling earrings or chokers. The only forms of jewellery acceptable are ear studs or small sleepers (for safety reasons) and watches.

* No thongs or similar strapless/open footwear. Socks are to be worn with closed toe shoes.

If students are unable to wear uniform on a particular day, communication from parents/caregivers is required. Uniforms should be in good condition. Torn or defaced uniforms are unacceptable.

In keeping with the schools principles of social justice, the Principal may arrange for uniform items to be made available to families in extenuating circumstances. Parents or staff should contact the Principal to discuss the situation.

Donations of good quality second hand uniforms are welcome. A limited supply of second hand uniforms will be available for sale.

Except if otherwise notified the school Uniform Shop is open on Tuesdays 3:00–3:30pm. Items can also be purchased via Qkr! app and will be sent home with students.

The shop is located adjacent to the stairs in the front foyer of the school.

Endorsed by Governing Council May 2018 To be reviewed May 2020