Principal’s Welcome

Dear Families,

First and foremost, I wish to extend a very warm welcome to the Brighton Primary School and Centre for Deaf Education community.

Brighton Primary School is a large primary school incorporating a Centre for Deaf Education. Our vision statement is: Engage, Imagine, Create, Innovate. Our core values are Care and Respect, Achieving Success, Responsible Learners and Environmentally Aware citizens. Students engage in a broad curriculum with specialist offerings in Performing Arts (Visual Arts / Drama), Music, Health, P.E. and Auslan. Students have access to a wide range of extracurricular activities such as choir, after hour’s sports, instrumental music and Pedal Prix.  Brighton Primary School has a clearly defined zone from which we draw our enrolments.

Twelve Deaf / Hard of Hearing students are enrolled in bilingual classes at Brighton Primary School and we have ensured that they are afforded the support they need to fully engage in the learning programme – this includes Teachers of the Deaf and Bilingual School Services Officers.

The school has identified three priorities (Challenges of Practice) which will drive teacher and student learning as part of our three-year Site Improvement Plan. These priorities are Writing, Reading and Numeracy. Our main focus for 2019 is Writing and our Challenge of Practice states:

‘If we were to adopt and implement a whole school, evidenced based approach to the teaching of Writing, we will see an improvement in the quality of outcomes in student writing F – 7’.

All staff have undertaken training in ‘7 Steps to Writing Success’ and a clear whole school action plan will drive learning for 2019. In 2020, Brighton Primary School will undertake the DfE mandated ‘Bright Path’ training which will assist all teachers to improve their skills and judgement when moderating student writing. Literacy is a high priority at Brighton Primary School.

At Brighton Primary School we encourage all students to be inquisitive, creative, competent and capable learners. We promote this through the notion of ‘inquiry’ – real life ‘problem based’ challenges. We are striving to connect with our wider community and businesses outside of our school in this endeavour. Our newly developed Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics space (STEM) is designed to support this approach. Embedding of learning technologies is crucial to make this happen.

A pivotal aspect of teacher sharing and learning at Brighton Primary School are Professional Learning Teams. ‘Like year level’ staff meet regularly to collaboratively plan student learning, moderate student learning, interrogate student data and share quality practices.

All staff at Brighton Primary School have developed comprehensive Performance and Development Plans and follow a clear process of sharing their professional goals with their respective line manager. This process includes peer and leader observation of practice.

Brighton Primary School has a very active parent community lead by a very strong and committed Governing Council. With over 220 registered / trained volunteers, ongoing support for our student community will continue to grow. We have over 55 out of school hours sporting teams with students involved in a huge variety of sport.

Restorative Practices, Positive Habits of the Mind and a clear Behaviour Education process define how students should behave and engage at school. The language of Play is the Way philosophy is imbedded in our school, with a focus on students being ‘their own boss’.

Newly introduced ‘Growth As A Learner’, has clearly identified the learning dispositions students need to consistently demonstrate to move from a directed to independent learner. Students have embraced this approach and can clearly articulate how they see themselves as a learner and what directions they need to take to become self-directed, independent learners.

Welcome to Brighton Primary School.

Ian Filer